Storage Gas Water Heater to Instantaneous Gas Heating

Should i change to instantaneous Gas Heating?

Today ADKO went out to a job in the north shore where one of our regular clients requested a hot water system conversion from gas storage to a gas instantaneous heater.

Commonly enough when people are anticipating the cost of something like this they don’t factor in all the contributing costs. Like allowing for a power point to be installed outside to run the new instantaneous heater off. Or the reconfiguration of pipework necessary to make the change work.

A traditional gas heating system, must heat the water in the entire tank (some times over 500L) which requires more gas, which equals higher gas bills $$$$. Over a year, for an average household a 5 star Gas Storage hot water heater is likely to use 5%-10% more gas than a Gas Continuous Flow/Instantaneous hot water system.

Another important factor to consider is the space/location. A Gas storage water system requires alot more space than an instantaneous hot water system. An instantaneous hot water system can be mounted on a wall and almost requires no space.

The installation cost between the two is almost negligible. The difference being, you may require an electrician to install a power point for the instantaneous system.

As far as reliability goes, both systems are proven to be as reliable as each other and both have inbuilt safety measures to ensure your safety in case of failure.

At ADKO we boast a skilled team of hot water system plumbing technicians. We have all the information you need & offer up front pricing with no hidden costs. We operate 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, so please don’t hesitate to call us at any time if you’re thinking of making the switch from a storage tank to an instantaneous heater.