Blocked drains are a nuisance!! They can cause multiple issues to your home & health, if not dealt with properly. So give ADKO Plumbing a call!!

We are drainage specialists & have all the equipment and technology to get you the results you need. Some simpler blocked drains may require just a plunger or electric eel, though for the more serious cases we have a high water pressure jet blaster that will get the job done. A common question from our clients is: What caused this to happen? Was it something flushed down the toilet, that shouldn’t have been, or was it something that got into the pipe or has the pipe broken or collapsed somewhere. Well look no further than ADKO PLUMING for the answers you need !! With our sewer cctv camera inspection & location we can determine what caused the blockage & its exact location.
When it comes to blocked drains, our plumbers are the best!! Our plumbers are continuously trained in this particular area & we apply a process that is fair and honest when it comes to rectifying your blocked drain.


Our cctv camera inspection allows us to determine exactly what may be causing the blockage to occur & what the condition of the rest of your line is like.

DON’T ASSUME, Call ADKO to determine what the real issue is!!


Not only do we have the ability to determine what the cause of the blockage is through the use of a cctv camera, we also have a locator that will help us pinpoint exactly where the defective section of the pipe is. This will save you from digging up & replacing more than what is necessary at that time. Blocked drains can be one of the most costly aspects of plumbing & that is why we offer this much more affordable solution.

Electric Eel

Our electric eel uses continuous cables to clear blockages in blocked stormwater pipes & sewer. It has numerous head attachments that are specifically used depending on the cause of the blockage.

High Water Pressure Jet Blaster:

In the event of a blocked drain, the high water pressure jet blaster is the most efficient, reliable & advanced method of clearing a blockage that we have available to us today. Its great for getting around numerous bends in a line & has numerous attachments on it for different types of blockages.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a very common cause of blocked drains. They tend to travel quite far in search of the nearest water source in the ground, and in most cases that’s either your sewer or stormwater lines. They begin with one fibress root entering through the collar and over a short period of time it can become a very serious blockage that is very difficult to clear, even with our best equipment.

Signs of a blocked drain

  • Gurgling Drains
  • No water sitting at the bottom of your toilet pan
  • Overflowing drains either externally or internally

Don’t ignore the signs, call ADKO Plumbing to take the necessary steps to fix your blocked drain before it gets worse!! 0450461533

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