Burst pipes are a very frequent plumbing issue, that are some times quite difficult to deal with. Please see below a 4 step process of what adko plumbing recommends you do in the event of a burst pipe & how you would identify one.

STEP 1: Look for the signs!

In some cases in may be a concealed leak, so look for any signs of water stains on the wall or sometimes if it’s a bad leak or burst pipe you can actually hear the water coming out of the pipe in the wall.

In other cases you may receive a higher water bill than usual.

STEP 2: Check your meter to confirm.

Turn all taps, washing machines & dishwasher off in your house, then go to your water meter & see if it is still ticking over. If it is, then you have a leak & you need to call us.

STEP3: Turn water off from meter.

Its important that you turn the water meter off to cut off the main water supply to your house to prevent any further damage & water wastage until the plumber arrives.


We take burst pipes & leaking pipes very seriously & you will be placed at the top of our priority list from the moment you call.

Leak detection:

In some cases it may be difficult to pin point exactly where the concealed leak may be. In these cases we off a leak detecting service that enables us to pin point exactly where the leaking/burst pipe is located.

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